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                  Meet The Staff

Meet The Team

The Founder

Sharnai Fisher is the founder and managing investigator of Fisheye Investigation Group. Sharnai, a United States Air Force veteran currently serving as an Air ForcePolice Officer, has been working in the criminal justice field for over 12 years. While working in the criminal justice field, Sharnai has dealt with Electronic Corrections, Fugitive Recovery, Fraud Analysis, Law Enforcement as well as acting as a Bail Bond Agent. Mrs. Fisher holds certifications in interviewing and interrogation methods as well as extensive Fraud Analytics training. Sharnai has also worked undercover for Fortune 500 companies, combating internal and external organized crime within each organization. Another aspect of her service is that Sharnai has assisted with child custody cases resulting in successful outcomes for her clients. Ms. Fisher was hand chosen by the Under Secretary of the Air-force to be a part of a task force combatting active shooters and indexing crimes. Sharnai’s investigations into criminal and civil matters provide in-depth information that will help achieve the positive outcome of each case she has handled.

The territory she has covered includes: Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansa, and Tennessee.

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